Lemongrass is a known aromatic herb that’s an integral part of the kitchen, however, it has numerous benefits for our health. It has health benefits for our body, such as immune-boosting properties and for our skin since it’s antibacterial and makes a great cleansing ingredient.

Lemongrass is also considered one of the most popular ‘lemon herbs’ that has been used for many years in Holy Galilee to make herbal tea. As it is known for its powerful healing properties for treating skin problems but also internal health concerns.

Lemongrass benefits for our health

Lemongrass can be consumed in different foods, and it especially goes with Thai cuisine. Another great way to get the full benefits of Lemongrass is lemongrass tea. It can be used for a hot tea for winter, and a refreshing iced tea for hot summer days.

Helps with digestion issues

Lemongrass is great for treating health issues such as digestion issues and bloating. An element found in lemongrass named citral has shown that it helps stomach-related concerns. As it is full of antioxidants that boost our immune system.

Increases metabolism that can burn fat

Lemongrass tea has shown that it can boost metabolism which can burn more calories and fat. As it has a substance called polyphenol, which is found naturally in plants and increases energy consumption in the body.

Helps control blood pressure

Lemongrass has high amounts of potassium, which is known for controlling your blood pressure levels. As it encourages blood circulation, which over time lowers blood pressure.

Helps with Cold and Flu

Lemongrass is a natural source of Vitamin C, which boosts the immune system. Its nutrients help break down persistent stuffy nose and cough. It is also very soothing for a sore throat when it’s used in a hot tea.

Lemongrass benefits for the skin

Ideal for oily skin

Lemongrass is ideal for people dealing with oily skin, as it reduces oil production and controls shine. As it helps by minimizing pores and tightening the skin, leading to a balanced complexion. 

Ideal for acne-prone skin

Lemongrass has been used for many years as it’s a natural remedy that can help with infections and the healing of scars. As it has antibacterial properties and is anti-fungal. This means it is ideal for reducing bacteria on our skin, which leads to acne, pimples, and irritation.

Refreshes the skin

Lemongrass is known for its refreshing and purifying properties for the skin. It removes bacteria, dirt and regenerates your skin, and is perfect for the summer when our skin needs a boost from all the constant heat.

Rich in antioxidants

It is also high in antioxidants, and an amazing source of vitamins and nutrients, such as Vitamin A and C. These nutrients are great for which are great for soothing red and irritated skin. In addition, lemongrass also promotes blood flow, this makes the complexion appear plumper and, more youthful.

The Gamila Secret natural Lemongrass soap is made from the highest quality oils and herbs that work together to nourish the skin.

The Gamila lemongrass soap cleanses and refreshes the skin while balancing oil levels. This makes it suitable for oily and combination skin types, as it can help with acne-prone skin types, as it refines the skin and facial pores which results in matte-looking skin.

It deeply cleanses, prevents inflammation, reduces pores, and is rich in antioxidants that regenerate, refresh and lift the skin.

Overall, lemongrass is an amazing natural ingredient with numerous benefits for our skin and body. It is a great addition to your skincare routine and diet and using it in both your skincare and consuming it will give you the full benefits of the herb.