Gamila secret

Gamila Secret is a natural cosmetic brand with 100% natural ingredients made of pure virgin olive oil and active wild herbs.

The story of the brand starts with ‘Gamila herself’ her name ‘Gamila’ means beauty in her language.

Galilee Secrets Cosmetics
Cypriot limited company, based in Larnaca and official distributor of Gamila Secret in Cyprus, Poland, Spain, Russia, and Brazil.

Gamila Hiar

Gamila was born and raised in a small village called Peki’in in the Galilee, Northern Israel, where the hills have been her domain.
As a child, she 
has initiated the secrets of nature from a very young age. When her father was very young, his grandmother taught him the importance of nature in their lives. He then passed this knowledge on to Gamila.
Based on that knowledge; Gamila started searching for the ideal combination of wild herbs, vegetable oils and olive oil from the trees growing in the hills around her village

Gamilas Secret Formula

Gamila's secret product is made from a mixture of herbs and superior oils to achieve a healthy and beautiful skin and contains pure ingredients that nourish the skin with mineral and vitamins. 

Gamila created the perfect combination for skin care because she has one very clear mission in life: to give everyone the opportunity to have healthy, beautiful skin for as long as they live.  

Gamilas Secret Products

Everything started with the Cleansing Bar, also known as the ‘magic’ soap. Today, the Gamila Secret Cleansing Bar or soap is 100% handmade. A 14-hour cooking process, drying period of 4 - 6 months, stamping and curving the edges by hand, the result is a 100% natural cleansing bar for all skin types with a unique soft structure.

Gamila secret natural oils are 100% natural combination with quickly absorbed and penetrates deeply into the skin. 

Gamila secret natural creams and balm is made from a mixture of finest possible first-pressed vegetable oils combined with Gamila secret herbal formula. 

Gamila's products are suitable for all skin types and differentiate her for special parts of the body. For each part, the best combination of ingredients is based on Gamila’s knowledge.

Gamila secret awards

  • The best hand cream in Holland 2014
  • Elle beauty award in Japan 2013
  • The best product in Japan 2010
  • The number one cleansing bar in UK 2010
  • The best natural product Oscar in Poland 2007 

Gamila's mission is that ‘everyone deserves healthy and soft skin’