Gamila Secret Face Oil 

Gamila’s Secret Face Oils are made from natural and active ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin, produced by the cold pressing method that keeps the Vitamins, Anti-Oxidants & Minerals alive.Gamila’s face oils are made using the Gamila secret herbal mix and a mix of pure vegetable oils such as grape seed oil, avocado oil, lavender oil, olive oil.

Gamila oils contain vitamins that protect and heal the skin, like Vitamin C, E, and D. 

Our natural face oil is used to  hydrate, soften and regenerate the skin, it increases flexibility and prevents premature aging resulting to a younger and healthier and more beautiful complexion.

Gamila’s  face oils are suitable for all skin types even the most sensitive types. Ideal for women and men, as it can be a perfect make-up base or a soothing after shave treatment.

The face oil is available in the original version, and a premium version formulated with wild rose oil.