Lively Lemongrass

Lively Lemongrass

25 EUR

Gamila's Lemongrass Cleansing Bar refreshes and lifts the spirit, helps to balance oily skin and reduces acne and pimples.

Category: Natural Soaps

Lively Lemongrass

Gamila Secret Lively Lemongrass Cleansing Bar is 100% natural handmade cleansing soap made using the purest plant oils and Gamilas herbal formula that has nourishing, healing and softening properties.

The Lively Lemongrass Cleansing Bar is used for oily skins and helps clears persistent acne, regulated the skin hydration balance that can refine the skin and facial pores with the result in mattifying the skin.

Beneficial effects: cleansing, preventing inflammation, regulates sebum, reduces pimples, antibacterial and rich in antioxidants that help to refresh and lift the spirit.