Gamila Secret is a handmade and natural skincare brand, with a mission to give everyone soft and healthy skin. Gamila products are made with the highest quality oils and herbs gathered from nature, which align with the body’s natural needs.

Gamila Secret’s part in sustainability

Gamila Secret products are made from sustainable ingredients that don’t contain any harsh chemicals or additives, which harm our environment and skin. Gamila products are also packaged with sustainable packaging. The soaps release their scent by lightly pressing on the package lid. This prevents any products from being opened in store for customers to smell them. In addition, the packaging paper is made by Paperwise, which is paper made from agricultural waste. The paper is made by recovering waste with 100% green energy. Paperwise’s mission is to give agricultural waste a second life.

Gamila Secret’s Achievements and Awards

Gamila Secret products are sold in more than 20 international markets such as Japan, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Poland, Holland, China, Switzerland, Israel, Cyprus, Greece, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, UK and more... 

The fascinating story of Gamila Secret, and its unique products, helped it become an international success story. Which led to the Gamila secret winning multiple international awards.

  • The Gamila Secret Spearmint Sparkle Soap has recently won the ‘Best New Product – Eco-niche’ in the VPC Green Beauty Awards. The awards were hosted by the prestige magazine in Spain Ventas de Perfumeria y Cosmética. 
    The awards celebrated the work of the best companies that offer ecological and sustainable cosmetics.
    The category Best new product – Eco niche’, rewarded brands with products that fit with their green philosophy and are being sold around the world.
    June, 2021 - Spain
  • Mrs. Gamila won the 'Jasmine Award', an honor attributed to women whose contributions are impacting the lives of women in Israel socially and economically for her incentive to women empowerment through entrepreneurship activities at Gamila Secrets' activities.
    December 2017, Israel.
  • The luxurious Gamila Secret products are loved by people worldwide. It is highly regarded in Japan. Japan is known as one of the biggest markets for beauty products and has ranked Gamila Secret as one of the best natural cosmetics brands, which won Japanese Awards and was featured in magazines and editorials such as 
  • Elle beauty awards in Japan, 2013.
  • Cosme award for the best product in Japan, 2010. 
  • Gamila Secret Soothing Geranium soap the number one cleansing bar in UK, 2010. For its high-quality oils and herbal extracts, that cleanses and protects the skin. 
  • The best natural product Oscar in Poland, 2007.
  • Torch Lighting Ceremony for the Glory of Entrepreneurship and Development of the Galilee – Israel, 2006.


Find out more about the history of Gamila Secret on the about us page.