Spearmint Sparkle

Spearmint Sparkle

25 EUR

Gamila Spearmint Sparkle refreshes and stimulates the skins natural balance while helping with soothing and heal acne. 


Category: Natural Soaps

Spearmint Sparkle

Gamila Secret Spearmint Sparkle soap is 100% natural ingredients with a blend of Gamila's secret herbal formula and purest vegetable olive oils, Gamila spearmint soap is made from 75% pure edible olive oil and other types of oils.

Gamila Spearmint Cleansing Bar is suitable for combination to oily skin types and can help soothe, pore refining and heal acne, and includes chamomile extract that contains Azulen with claiming and softening properties.

Gamila spearmint soap stimulates and refreshes the skin's natural balance, refines the facial pores with and has beneficial effects: cleanses, soothes, antibacterial, antiseptic and pore refining.