Vegetable and herb oils have many benefits besides being used in cooking, they have been used for their healing and beauty properties in different cultures for thousands of years. For example, in Ancient Egypt, Egyptians in order to keep their skin youthful and glowing they would use oils on their skin.

In the Galilee area, olive oil was found that is estimated to be 8000 years old. Its people would use oils and herbs for their healing properties as they didn't have medicine. That is where "Gamila's Secret" started, from all the knowledge she gained from her family and people in the village that was passed around from generation to generation, where they used the natural elements of nature to heal and preserve the beauty of their skin.

How to use the Gamila Secret Face oils

Step 1 - Start by cleansing your skin with the Gamila Secret natural cleansing soaps. As a cleansed skin works better in absorbing the active ingredients in skincare products.
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Step 2 – Apply a few drops of the Face oil.

Step 3 – Gently massage the face, around the eyes, and neck.

Step 4 – If you are applying it as a makeup base wait 2-3 minutes for it to be fully absorbed so it can work as a flawless base under your makeup.

Using the Gamila face oils at night will allow the skin to absorb the oil better and deeper without any external factors such as dust/dirt.
Gamila face oil regenerates your skin, preserves the natural beauty while maintaining a glowing and youthful complexion.

The benefits of Gamila’s Secret facial oils

Gamila’s facial oils are all-natural, made from unique high-quality oils, which have active ingredients that penetrate deeply into the skin. These are pressed with the cold pressing method which keeps the Vitamins, Antioxidants, and Minerals alive.

Gamila facial oils are suitable for all skin types even for oily skins, as they are instantly absorbed into the skin without being too heavy or clogging pores.

Gamila Secret face oils help restore moisture and provide extra hydration. They also give an instant glowing effect which makes them perfect to be used as a makeup base or after shaving for a soothing effect. Applying our face oils as a makeup base can also make foundation application appear smoother. As it hydrates and repairs the skin it makes makeup apply more flawlessly. When applying under makeup you need a few drops of the face oil to achieve a glowing base.

The Original face oil is made from the Gamila secret herbal formula and contains extra pure oils such as Grapeseed oil, avocado oil, pistachio Vera, Sweet almond oil, lavender oil, laurel oil, and many more. 

The original Gamila face oil is naturally rich in antioxidants and vitamins. It has anti-bacterial properties which are ideal for acne-prone skin, as it lessens inflammation, redness, and clogged pores which lead to breakouts.

The Gamila Secret face oil hydrates, is antiaging, soothes, and protects the skin.

The Premium Wild Rose face oil is made from the secret herbal formula and the purest first cold-pressed vegetable oils with extra vitamin C from wild rose oil.

Wild rose oil is a natural source of vitamin C, which is anti-inflammatory, prevents ageing, and has brightening properties while nourishing and protecting tired skin.

The Gamila premium face oil nourishes, brightens, regenerates, and has anti-aging properties.