Our hands can be vulnerable and prone to aging due to the skin being relatively thin. Our hands are also exposed to a wide range of bacteria, chemicals, and sunlight, as they are unprotected and exposed.

Hand skincare is often overlooked and isn’t deemed as Important as facial skincare. However, this shouldn’t be the case as our hands deserve the best skincare.

How to take care of your hands

Step 1 – Cleansing your hands

Washing our hands is the most effective way to avoid transmitting bacteria, viruses, and other harmful organisms to yourself and others. Soap aids in the prevention of the transmission of germs. When it comes to keeping our hands clean – and, most importantly fighting against the spread of the Covid-19 Coronavirus, soap is more gentle than hand sanitizer to our hands, and can be more effective as it deeply cleanses our hands without missing any areas.

Knowing a little about our skin might help you understand how to properly wash your hands. The skin is made up of layers. The outer layer is largely made up of dead skin cells that are surrounded by natural oils produced by the living cells beneath it. The natural oils form a barrier that keeps water in while keeping bacteria and other irritants out. If your skin's exterior layer lacks adequate natural oils, it won't be able to retain enough water, leaving you with dry, rough, red, cracked, and itchy skin. That is why it is important to use a gentle bar soap that washes hands with natural oils instead of harsh ingredients and chemicals.

The Gamila Secret natural cleansing soaps are handmade with only the best ingredients, made from the secret herbal formula and a combination of high-quality vegetable oils. With natural oils such as coconut oil, almond oil, laurel oil, olive oil, and many more. The soaps’ ingredients are pure without any chemical additives, which makes them safe to use even for the most sensitive skin types.

Discover more about how to use our soaps to cleanse your hands here.

Step 2 – Moisturizing your hands

Moisturizers for your hands can help prevent or treat dry skin. They retain moisture in the outer layer of the skin, making your hands smoother and softer. They also work as a temporary protective shield for your exterior skin. Hand moisturizes work by feeding the skin with nutrients to protect it and make it smoother and softer. Choosing a hand cream with quality ingredients is the best way to take care of your hands and see long-term results such as, youthful and soft hands.

The Gamila Secret natural hand cream is an excellent way to hydrate your dry and irritated hands. It's made with plant-based ingredients such as olive oil, aloe vera leaf extract powder, and Vitamin E, to leave your hands super soft and fight skin aging.

The Gamila natural hand cream moisturizes hands deeply without leaving an oily residue, prevents aging, and is water-resistant. It is the perfect hand cream to protect your hands from the constant use of hand sanitizers that contain drying and harsh ingredients.

Step 3 – Massaging hands

Our hands are one of our most used body parts, they deserve the best treatment. The Gamila Secret natural hand cream can be used as a lotion to massage and soothe dry hands. Massage doesn’t only improve the appearance of our hands but also has numerous health benefits, such as;

Relief of pain from any manual labor during the day, as our hands, carry out the most stress from activities during the day. It can also provide relaxation and reduce stress and improve our overall mood. It can be especially relaxing when done before bed, as it can improve overall sleep quality.

Step 4 – Keeping our nails clean

To preserve personal hygiene, incorporating nail cleaning in your hand care routine is a must. Dirt can become stuck inside your nails, especially if you have long nails. Dirt is a magnet for germs and bacteria. This may result in a bacterial infection. Apart from bacterial infection, food poisoning can also be caused by dirt from our nails.

Step 5 – Wearing gloves for protection

Wearing gloves can protect your hands even further. Especially in the winter where our hands can crack from the cold. But it is also important to wear protective gloves when cleaning or washing dishes, as our skin can get irritated from the harsh chemicals found in common cleaning products.

Finally, it doesn't have to be difficult to take care of your hands. The most important thing to remember is to include daily hand skincare in your routine to keep your hands feeling and looking nice. To have youthful-looking hands, it is also necessary to select the appropriate skincare products, with ingredients that are kind, nourishing and can repair your hands.