Soaps Set - Oily Skin

Soaps Set - Oily Skin

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Natural Soap Set - Oily Skin

The natural soaps set ideal for oily skin includes the Rosemary natural soap, which revitalizes and gives the skin an energy boost. The Jasmine natural soap, which has a sweet, fresh scent with a calming, healing, and restoring effect. Plus, the Premium Geranium natural soap, which has a warm green, flowery fragrance with harmonizing properties.


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The natural soap set ideal for oily skin is a perfect addition to your personal care routine. A combination of the Rosemary soap, the Jasmine soap, and the Premium Geranium soap will cleanse, revitalize and heal the skin to reveal a beautiful and fresh complexion.Rosemary is an ingredient full of nutrients and antioxidants which renew skin cells by stimulating blood circulation.Jasmine oil naturally hydrates the skin without clogging the pores, this makes it ideal for more oily skin types.Geranium has exfoliating properties which helps remove dead cells, tighten and renew the skin to reveal a beautiful glow.

The set contains:

Gamila Secret Reviving Rosemary Natural Soap 

Gamila’s Reviving Rosemary is 100% natural and handmade with pure plant oils, such as Grape Seed Oil, Olive oil, Avocado oil and much more and Gamila’s Secret herbal formula. Gamila’s Rosemary soap is ideal for oily to combination skin types, it contains rich antioxidants, calcium and Vitamin B6 and has healing and softening properties while unclogging the facial pores.Gamila’s Rosemary Cleansing Bar beneficial effects: cleanses, nourishes, revitalizes and gives the skin an energy boost.

Gamila Secret Jasmine Comfort Natural Soap

Gamila’s Secret Jasmine Comfort Cleansing soap contains 100% natural ingredients, handmade with the purest cold pressed vegetable oils and Gamila’s Secret herbal formula that has healing, nourishing, deep cleansing and softening properties.Jasmine Comfort Cleansing soap stimulates the skin’s natural hydration balance and helps improve elasticity, resulting in clearer and firmer skin.Gamila's Jasmine Comfort helps refine the facial pores, helps regulates the skin hydration balance and improves skin structure. Suitable for oily and combination skin types.Jasmine Comfort beneficial effects: cleansing, softens, strengthens, nourishes & intensive moisturizing.

Gamila Secret Soothing Geranium Premium Natural Soap 

Gamila’s Secret Soothing Geranium Cleansing soap is 100% natural and handmade with ingredients such as olive oil with a blend of other pure vegetable oil and a mixture of Gamila’s secret herbal formula.Soothing Geranium Cleansing Soap has a warm flowery fragrance that cleanses facial pores and regulates the skin's hydration balance. Ideal for oily and combination skin types.Geranium Cleansing Bar cleanses, detoxifies, purifies, stimulates blood circulation and eliminates pigmentation.