Mini Soaps Set - Dry Skin

Mini Soaps Set - Dry Skin

20 EUR

Lavender Natural Mini Soap & Wild Rose Natural Mini Soap

The mini soap set for dry skin includes, the Lavender mini natura soap (30g), with a sweet, fresh scent and a calming, healing and restorative effects. Plus, the mini Wild Rose natural soap (30g), which has a natural rich  wild rose oil that treats your skin with vitamins C and prevents premature ageing while revitalizing.

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The mini soap set ideal for dry skin is a perfect addition to your personal care routine. A combination of the mini lavender soap and the mini wild rose soap, will cleanse, repair and heal the skin to reveal a beautiful and fresh complexion. Lavender is a natural source of antioxidants with detoxing qualities for the skin that fights
inflammation and bacteria. Ideal for dry and irritated skins with problems such as as eczema
and psoriasis. Wild Rose is a natural form of Vitamin C, it helps renews skin cells for a more youthful
complexion. It brightens the skin and fights against aging and pigmentation. Ideal for dry and sensitive skin.

The set contains:
Mini Lavender Natural Soap 
Gamila’s Secret mini Lavender Natural Soap is handmade with 100% natural ingredients such as pure oils and a mixture of Gamilas secret herbal formula. It offers a sweet, fresh scent with calming, healing and restorative effects. It is formulated with lavender, which makes this the perfect cleansing bar for people dry and irritated skin, with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis
Mini Wild Rose Premium Natural Soap 
Gamilas Wild Rose mini Natural Soap is 100% natural handmade and has pure edible olive oils with natural rich wild rose essential oils combined with the Gamila Secret herbal formula. Gamilas Wild Rose Soap treats your skin with a high concentration of vitamin C to prevent premature aging while revitalizing, healing, softening, and balancing the hydration, refining the skin structure and facial pores of your skin. Gamila Wild Rose Natural Soap is suitable for dry and combination skin types.