Mini Foot Balm

Mini Foot Balm


Mini Foot Balm

The Gamila Secret natural mini foot balm offers a natural mint fragrance. It intensively hydrates, and is an optimum moisturizing treatment that helps soothe, soften and revitalize dry feet.


Category: Natural Creams

The mini foot balm comes in a compact size of 15ml, the perfect travel essential to keep your skin healthy and hydrated!

Mini Foot Balm – 15ml

Gamila Secret Foot Balm is 100% natural balm made of Gamila's secret herbal formula combined with pure vegetable oils.

Gamila secret foot cream has a natural mint fragrance that the intensively hydrating optimum moisturizing treatment helps soothe, soften and revitalize dry feet.

Gamila's secret foot balm is the perfect formula for hardened, irritated skin and aching tired feet, that will give you feet to be proud of. It relaxes and nourishes, restores, heals and improves blood circulation of your feet.