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Jasmine Comfort


Jasmine Cleansing Bar has a sweet, fresh scent with a calming, healing and restoring effect.

Category: Cleansing Bars

Jasmine Comfort 

Gamila Secret Jasmine Comfort Cleansing Bar contains 100% natural ingredients of the purest cold pressed vegetable oils and Gamilas Secret herbal formula that has healing, nourishing, deep cleansing and softening properties.

Jasmine Comfort Cleansing Bar is made by hand that stimulates the skin’s natural hydration balance and strengthens the skin that helps improve elasticity, resulting in a clearer and firmer skin.

Gamila's Jasmine Comfort helps refine the facial pores, helps regulates the skin hydration balance and improve skin structure.

Jasmine Comfort beneficial effects: cleansing, softens, strengthens, nourishes & intensive moisturizing.