Creamy Vanilla - Premium

Creamy Vanilla - Premium

28 EUR

Gamila Creamy Vanilla cleansing bar contains extra Shea Butter to provide extra comfort for the dry skin. 

Category: Natural Soaps

Creamy Vanilla 

Gamila Secret Creamy Vanilla is a premium line Cleansing Bar that has 100% natural ingredients, six of them are pure plant oils and Gamila secret herbal formula.

Gamila Secret Creamy Vanilla is handmade with extra Shea butter to provide extra comfort and softening properties for the skin. 

The Creamy Vanilla cleansing bar is suitable for normal to dry skin types that can help refine and structure the facial pores of the skin.

Gamila Secret Vanilla Soap beneficial effects: cleanses, nourishes, protects, deep cleansing, soothes, restores and is rich in antioxidants.