Antioxidant Hand Care Set

Antioxidant Hand Care Set

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Antioxidant Hand Care Set

The Natural Hand set includes, the Lemongrass cleansing soap, which refreshes and lifts the skin, helps to balance oily skin and reduces acne and pimples. Plus, the natural hand cream, made from Gamila's secret herbal formula and a mixture of the finest first pressed vegetable oils. It hydrates instantly, as it is absorbed quickly, leaving a non-oily, silky soft skin.

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The natural Hand set is a perfect addition to your personal care routine. A combination of the Lemongrass cleansing soap and the hand cream, will cleanse, moisturize and repair the skin.

The set contains:

Gamila Secret Lively Lemongrass Soap

Gamila’s Secret Lively Lemongrass Cleansing Bar is 100% natural handmade soap made using the purest plant oils and Gamila’s herbal formula that has nourishing, healing and softening properties.The Lemongrass soap is used for oily skins and helps clears persistent acne, regulated the skin’s hydration levels and clears facial pores, resulting in a more mattifying complexion.Beneficial effects: cleansing, preventing inflammation, regulates sebum, reduces pimples, antibacterial and rich in antioxidants that help to refresh and lift the skin.

Gamila Secret Hand Cream

Gamila’s Secret Hand Cream is a 100% natural cream made from Gamila's secret herbal formula and a mixture of the finest first-pressed vegetable oils.Gamila's hand cream with a sweet orange fragrance helps to preserve the beauty and youth of your hands while soothing your skin and improving suppleness.Our natural hand cream penetrates the skin immediately, leaving a non-oily, silky soft, and smooth feeling. Thus repairs and protects your hands to look even more beautiful.The hand cream consists of secret herbal special formula and olive oil, Aloe Vera leaf extract powder, and vitamin E that makes your hands younger, healthier and softer. It moisturizes, restores, strengthens the skin, and prevents and fights ageing.